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// O Bando

Teatro O Bando is a major Portuguese professional traveling theatre company in activity since 1974.

A collective that elects aesthetic transfiguration has a civic and communitary participation.

It's a Portuguese National Entity of Public Utility and a Certified Actor's Training establishment.

Founded in 1974, and being one of the oldest cultural cooperatives in the country, Teatro O Bando
takes to be a group that elects the transguration as aesthetic mode of civic participation and

In the genesis of the company, the street theater and activities for children in schools and cultural associations, integrated in decentralization projects, are its basis.
O Bando creations are dened by their plastic and staging dimension, marked mainly by the Scene Machines, polysemic objects carrying itself an idea of action.

The dramaturgic work is also very important: parting mainly from Portuguese authors, most of the times not dramatic work, which the theatrical form, in its multiple languages, provides a dierent communication.
Having created more than 100 performances, O Bando presented about 4500 shows to over 1,5 million spectators.

Although the greater shows are not always the easier ones to keep in memory, the audience that attended it cannot forget the actors running in the darkness of the forest in MONTEDEMO (1987), the steam train entering the station in GENTE SINGULAR (1993), BICHOS in the walls of the buildings (1990), the damp fog over the spectators on ENSAIO SOBRE A CEGUEIRA (2004) and the seagulls at the Jerónimos Monastery ying over the SAGA (2008).

The company goes on seeking for the singularity of their creations, aiming to achieve more gash and unexpected art works. These are the result of a collective methodology where an expanded artistic direction demand the dierence, the interference, the collapse, the collision of points of view. Rural or urban, adult or child, learned or popular, national, or universal, dramatic, narrative or poetic - such as the borders Teatro O Bando got used to transgress.

Throughout their journey, the group was linked to multiple national and international projects and the touring investment continues to present several shows throughout the country.
After several homes, O Bando is now settled in a Farm in Vale dos Barris, Palmela, where unsuspected potential stages can be found. There O Bando is waiting for you, always with soup, bread and cheese, Muscatel, a cozy chat next to the replace.